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Jordan on the Issues brought up by Local Oregonians of our District. 


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My top priority is increasing the number of well-paying jobs by promoting policies that enable local businesses to thrive & end the economic drag of jobs being outsourced to urban areas. 

It is time to bring jobs back to rural Oregon towns and improve the quality of life of working-class Oregonians. 

I will oppose any attempt to restrict the rights of workers to collectively bargain! 



As a Licensed Tax Consultant, I understand the hardships of Oregon's punitive anti-job, anti-marriage, anti-business, and anti-Oregon tax laws that take food off the tables of working-class families.

Which is why I will work to cut taxes by changing our state's tax code. I will actively oppose tax increases on Oregonians.

Fact: Our State is allowing New York to tax the wages of Oregonians who have never lived or worked outside of Oregon. 

Fact: Oregon does not control its own taxation by blindly copying federal tax policy. This has caused our State to inherit tax policy that is inconsistent and hostile to Oregonian residents.

Fact: Oregon's tax surplus is over 44% meaning it's possible to have heavy tax cuts, while maintaining or increasing our government benefit programs. 

Fact: Oregon's current tax law punishes middle class families; it is time to bring back deductions and credits Oregonians have lost.  

Fact: Oregon can do better by electing a tax professional into office!


Fentanyl & Drug Crisis

Our state's experiment with decriminalization is not working when it allows Fentanyl dealers to infiltrate our communities and addict our loved ones.  As representative, I will have a tough stance on fighting drugs by pushing for bills that reforms Oregon's liberal approach to drug policy. 

Housing Crisis & Property Rights

Thousands of people are at risk of economic hardship and live paycheck to paycheck because of abusive policies that drive up the cost of living.

I will take a strong stance against squatters who infringe on the rights of homeowners, drive up the cost of rent, and threaten our communities.

It is time we work together to end the long, horrible process for homeowners & businesses to obtain permits and for our construction workers to do their jobs.  

I will support imposing heavy taxation or a ban on foreign nationals who buy Oregon real-estate without living and paying taxes in our State. It is time to protect the interests of Oregonians first! 


I will support efforts to combat other states who deport their homeless to Oregon. We the Taxpayers should not have to pay for another states homeless crisis!


Welfare benefits for homeless people needs to be on a condition of moving into designated housing or encampment areas to save our communities. I believe more aid needs to be available for average households.  



Protecting Rural Oregon from Urban Sprawl

The people of our District do not want to become Portland which is why I will oppose policy that allows for dangerous urban sprawl into our rural towns and farmland. 

I am proud to have been the only partisan candidate to stand with the people of North Plains against abusive urban sprawl. 

Small business

Small Businesses are struggling under anti-business laws that harm the economy and cause inflation. It is time for Oregon to repeal abusive taxation and cap the Governmental paperwork burden that can be imposed on businesses.

This will relieve stress on small employers, improve wage and benefit programs for workers, and improve the economy. 


Seniors living in rural Oregon suffer from a lack of medical infrastructure, high gas prices, and rising costs of living. 

As Representative I will work to improve on how Oregon takes care of its senior citizens by:

- Securing access to quality medical care for seniors and families in rural Oregon.

- Supporting State funded long-term care. 

- Providing more benefit programs for seniors in financial stress. 

- Providing more resources to investigate elder abuse cases 

- Opposing efforts to require use of computers to interact with government agencies.


As a proud son, of a former United States Naval Aviator I understand the sacrifice veterans have made protecting America and the economic hardships faced back home. There are no excuses for Oregon to rank among the worst states for veterans.   Together, we can change this. 

Education & Local Schools

The quality of public education is deteriorating while more and more high schools become steppingstones to boost the revenue of elite universities. At the cost of devaluing Oregon's public educational system, which now ranks among the worst in the nation. 

Our schools should not serve the agenda of federal or state regulators who spoon-feed our children generic knowledge from generic textbooks to prepare them for generic tests that have nothing to do with entering the workforce or raising a family.

It is time to raise the value of a high-school education again.

By allowing students in our community to be educated in practical matters like math, reading, and science, while also putting renewed emphasis on teaching equally important topics that have been neglected for too many years; things like shop, how to manage money, how to prepare for the workplace.  These are skills that will serve them as they enter the workforce in our community.   

I will support giving more power to parents, local teachers and elected school board officials over our children's education.  

Child Care

As a tax professional, I have seen many parents who struggle to support their children. Because childcare is unaffordable and too often, it is unavailable. Housing, food and transportation are far too expensive for average households to raise children in without facing economic stress. 

Oregon can do better for families. I will support programs that make childcare assessable and affordable for working families.   


For years the manufacturing and natural resource fields have seen a steep decline in employment, killing family-wage job growth and starving Rural Oregon's economy. Columbia County could be the manufacturing hub of Oregon, yet acres upon acres of manufacturing space sit vacant, including newly built plants. This is unacceptable, and if elected State Representative I will work tirelessly to remove unnecessary red-tape and roadblocks which have hindered economic progress in our region. District 31 needs a strong economic advocate who won't just support job growth, but more importantly, WAGE GROWTH. I plan to be that advocate.





Rural Oregonians are tired of abusive anti-energy policies that cause inflation and high gas prices. I believe the best way to address this issue is through a pragmatic approach that will support utilizing both alternative (such as Bio-Diesel, Hydrogen, and Natural Gas) & conventional energy projects to bring skyrocketing energy prizes down to a manageable level. 






Rising crime is harming Oregonians, it is essential that our local law enforcement & criminal justice departments receive more funding to catch and prosecute criminals who are living at the expense of our communities.

Upholding Constitutional Rights

Our democracy is founded in our constitution, and I will work to protect our constitutional rights. 


- Opposing legislation that would infringe on our Constitutional rights. 

This includes the 1st, 2nd, and all amendments


Every American has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am a strong believer of these founding constitutional pillars, which is why I support access to affordable healthcare for all!

Oregonians have a Constitutional right to affordable health care, which is why I oppose misappropriation of Medicaid funds that are being used on housing development for homelessness. Our State could have instead used these funds to improve access to medical care for seniors, veterans, and working families in rural areas.  

Reproductive Freedom

I believe in reproductive freedom and support an individual's choice in how that liberty is exercised. 

Rural Roads

I will support allocating more state funding to rural Counties for restoring and maintaining roads. Which have deteriorated to unsafe conditions.


It's hard to run a farm in Oregon. With more and more abusive governmental regulations forcing family farmers into poverty.

I've seen my parents struggle to find insurance coverage for their farming business and even worker's compensation coverage for their farm hand. 

Oregon can do better for farmers who want and need insurance but struggle to find any company that will cover them.  I will explore options and work to solve the insurance desert Oregon farmers face.



The Economies of small towns like Vernonia rely on Oregon's timber industry, which is why I will promote policies that benefit Oregon's timber farms. 


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