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Jordan Gutierrez is

Pro Jobs & Workers Rights

Pro 2nd Amendment, Constitution & Personal Freedom

Pro Agriculture, Natural Resources, Industry, Energy, & Small business

Pro Family values & Local Schools

Pro Affordable Housing & Property Rights

Pro Tough-On-Crime & Destroying Fentanyl

Pro Common-Sense Tax Laws & Protecting our Rural way of life 

Jordan is committed to protecting the values of Oregon's 31st district, by supporting reasonable policy that benefits our district over partisan national party politics.

He is dedicated to providing financial security for farmers, veterans, seniors, business, and hard-working Oregonians by:

  •  Ending Abusive Taxation on middle-class Oregonians and ending marriage tax discrimination!
  • Fighting for well-paying jobs in our local community

  • Helping provide families, veterans and seniors in our communities with affordable housing, safe streets, and reliable transportation to jobs, schools and businesses
  • Supporting law enforcement to catch criminals and fight the drug crisis.
  • Securing Rural Childcare  
  • Promoting expansion of energy industry projects to lower gas and energy costs.
  • Supporting pro-business & working-class policies
  • Supporting agriculture and timber industries

See where Jordan stands on the issues you care about, Here!








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Jordan For State Representative 
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